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My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer - Derf Backderf Goddamn this is a good book. I read it in one day; couldn't stop. Disturbing, engrossing, and super creepy, the story of a teenage friendship with a soon to be serial killer is a one of a kind graphic novel that stays with you.

Derf Backderf used news reports, interviews, and personal stories to paint a picture of a strange boy who was basically a cipher to his few friends, and who would soon reach national prominence in the most gruesome way possible.

All this is set in smalltown suburban life in the 70s, a weird midpoint between the heady days of 60s free love, and the chilly conservative Reagan era 80s. This was a time when smoking pot was commonplace, and when a freak like Dahmer could go by unnoticed.

You don't feel sorry for Dahmer, with his tortured private life and personal hell, but in Mr. Backderf's deft portrayal, Dahmer is someone you want to spend time with, without getting too close.

Highly recommended.